Meaning of Diaspora

To be a diaspora means you are dispersed from a place of your origin. The diaspora concept embraces the idea or the desire to return to that place of origin. This desire however is often an internal struggle hidden deep inside and it is intensified by the knowledge that there are many impediments that make the return almost an impossibility. But you keep hoping.

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Identifying and interpreting these feelings is very difficult because they manifest in a variety of ways for different people. These hidden desires are responsible for most of our behavior. Often times the diaspora experiences feelings of longing for a much-loved past that they fail to move forward. For some, this is accompanied by sorrow and pain that can create tensions which can influence our work attitudes and behaviors. Failure to take care of these feelings causes a lot of internal frustration which leads to ineffective optimization of our potential. We survive but we fail to thrive.

In addition to continuing to communicate with the people at home, one of the antidotes for diaspora feelings of nostalgia, is to connect with people who understand where you are coming from. Research suggests that people are most creative when they are able to experience both positive and negative emotions and they feel supported by people around them.

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