The ADEI Thing

Most of us migrated from our countries of origin in search of better economic opportunities – where the pastures looked greener. Yes, we have taken advantage of the opportunities around us and we are better off than what we were before we came. Now we want to go from just thriving to creating wealth.

According to literature, being wealthy means having plentiful of a particular resource, an abundance of a valuable possession or resource or money.

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Being salaried is not being wealthy. A salary is good as it can enable you to start building wealth if you manage it well.

At ADEI we help each other go beyond our salaries. We believe there are plenty of opportunities in our respective communities, to establish enterprises that would allow us to create wealth. Some are doing that already while others are still dreaming about it. If you desire to start, why start from scratch when you can connect for mentorship and support from other diaspora who are already living the dream. If you are operating already, connect to share ideas and receive support to expand your business.