What is networking

& Why is it important

While what you know still matters, in this day and age, it’s who you know and who knows you, that matters more. “Networking is the backbone of business, underpinning every successful company regardless of where in the world it operates. Effective networking opens new doors of opportunity in business, allowing companies to identify new markets, obtain fresh leads and expand their operations into unfamiliar areas. By sharing information, contacts and resources, businesses can achieve far more than they ever could in isolation.” (GlobalScots) The same applies to personal development.

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ADEI provides the networking platform that will enable you to connect with the right people, to create mutually beneficial relationship and partnerships. At ADEI you are able to network with a myriad of groups, connect with African diaspora entrepreneurs, professionals, students and investors. Let your network know your goals, skills and interests, as you also learn the goals, skills and interests of your networking community so you benefit each other.

To benefit from our strong networking community, be actively involved in meetings and events. Your success will be directly related to your connectedness.