About Us

ADEI is a global networking platform for Africans across the globe.

We provide a platform to network, to connect, to exchange ideas and to empower each other as we celebrate our successes in the communities we are in. We are dedicated to help you thrive by facilitating the creation of wealth through social interaction, and exchange of business information.

Let’s come together and empower each other to create intergenerational wealth. Other people have done it. Why can’t we. You can’t do it alone. We need each other.

Join the largest empowerment networking platform.

ADEI is a platform that empowers all diaspora entrepreneurs, students, affiliates, professionals and investors through networking.

Our Membership Option


Give the gift of sponsorship to a small enterprise listed on our platform or partner with a business to help it grow.

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As an African Diaspora business owner, you will face a disproportionately harsh economic environment as you try to operate.  Connect to help and get help from people who are walking the same journey

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Connect to offer your expertise to the African Diaspora community.

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Feeling like an outsider saps your creativity and drains your motivation. Connect with people who know and understand what you are going through. Connect with other African Diaspora to support and inspire each other

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Being a student has its challenges, being a diaspora student compounds those challenges. Connect to get inspired and empowered to succeed.

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What is networking

& Why is it important 

Networking is actively sharing the necessary information with the right people for mutual benefit.

While what you know still matters, in this day and age, it’s who you know and who knows you, that matters more. “Networking is the backbone of business, underpinning every successful company regardless of where in the world it operates. 

Meaning of Diaspora 

To be a diaspora means you are dispersed from a place of your origin. The diaspora concept embraces the idea or the desire to return to that place of origin. This desire however is often an internal struggle hidden deep inside and it is intensified by the knowledge that there are many impediments that make the return almost an impossibility. But you keep hoping.


While earning a salary is very good, it’s not good enough for creating wealth Most of us migrated from our countries of origin in search of better economic opportunities – where the pastures looked greener. Yes, we have taken advantage of the opportunities around us and we are better off than what we were before we came. Now we want to go from just thriving to creating wealth.

Doing The ADEI

Getting Help While You Help Others.

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Become a member of a trusted and supportive community.  Connect over shared experiences, to build each other up. Join us and gain access to mutually beneficial information from thousands of other fellow Africans living in the diaspora.

Safely connect with fellow diasporans to build trust, camaraderie and fellowship as you help each other create wealth.

Invest your money in a small business to support African entrepreneurs living and working in the diaspora.

Look up to those who represent the things you aspire to be.

Join to mentor and Inspire.

A sense of belonging matters.

Students with an A.

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Empowered Africans Empower Africa